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Nowadays women have been paid more attention into their nails. There are a lot of different shapes, colors, combinations, and themes that can be used on our nails. Everyone has their own taste and favorite style.There are almost no limits to the designs that you can do with your nails; nail designing has evolved so much that just painting and decorating your nails is not enough. Among some unique nail designs breaking the boundaries of nail arts and design is the square shape nail design. Here we have handpicked very beautiful 20 Square Nail Designs. In case you want to try some neat and elegant square nail, you may try these designs on your nails. Don’t hesitate, just try them immediately! They will make you feel inspired. 1.Geometry Design Geometry is this season a absolute hit when it comes to wardrobe but and when it comes to manicure. 2. Transparent Nail Of course, the kind of success that you experience with rocking a nail art trend of this nature will depend on the skills of the painter. However with a good person handling the brush, you’re sure to get something awesome. 3.Blue And Black Nail Blue and black nail with simple stripe beautifully stand on professional ladies. This design is always fashionable like a small black dress. 4.Floral Patterns-1 There is barely a woman that wouldn’t like flowers. However, when it comes to floral nail art, some may think it is too feminine and sweet. We say that even floral designs can be over the edge interesting. Even short square nails will look magnificent with the addition of a minimalistic and quite abstract flower. 5. Floral Patterns-2 6. Floral Patterns-3   7. Gorgeous Rhinestone Accents-1 The truth is that with the help of a rhinestone pattern you can create a real masterpiece. No matter the base color or the size of a design, such a manicure will always look exquisite. See for yourself! 8. Gorgeous Rhinestone Accents-2 Whether it’s summer or winter, red lipstick and red nail polish is a safe choice. 9. Milky White Classic design Remember the phrase “You can’t beat the classics?” well, it definitely applies with this trend right here. The classic white with the “ring” looks awesome when applied on square nails. 10. Cool Sea Say what you will, but the summer period is almost upon us. To get prepared for it, this nail design art trend is definitely awesome for you. The color combination is lovely, and it provides a variety for you to choose from. 11. Dandelion Floral Nail Nail art doesn’t require a round or almond nail shape, as evidenced by this cute floral design that’s perfect for a clean, square edge. And that cute splash of navy blue gives this manicure a lil extra something. 12. Gradient Square Glitter Nail We believe that this combination of colors will attract you just at first glance. It looks girly and elegant. Source: Instagram:@Idei_dizaina_nogtey 13. Gradient Square Nail Great for an employed lady who wants to look neat and beautiful. 14. Leaf Pattern Design 15. Lovely Geometric Nail Art Design-1 Despite the strictness, geometric patterns in nail art can look extremely cute and gentle. Of course, it matters significantly upon the base coat you choose. However, if you opt for any of the presented ideas, your square acrylic nails will look sweet and lovely. 16. Lovely Geometric Nail Art Design-2 17. Solid Blue Nail Get yourself a set of nails that will make every sea creature proud of you! 18. Pink and Polish Square Shape Simplicity has always shown itself to contain a sort of beauty, and that fact is no more true than is exhibited with this nail art trend right here. If you’re the kind of person who prefer something simple, or you have to attend an event when over-the-top nail art might not be the right option, then you can apply  this pink nail with simple glitter stripe. 19. Nude Nail with Metallic Ornament With this manicure you will look glamorous at any time. Metallic ornament  are those that contribute to the glamour but only if they are used smartly and with measure! 20. Rose Nail When you restore gel nails and let them “breathe”, let them be short and shabby in order to recover more quickly and do not get caught on clothes, furniture, and so on. 21. Matte Nail Very bold combination of baby pink and extravagant green. Dark autumns and hot summer color are balanced and you can wear this manicure even when colder days come. 22. Abstract Nail There is also a variant of oval-square nails that are also excellent on short and long nails. These fingernails are harder to crack than ordinary square nails, and ladies on this nails prefer to wear matte shades. 23. Glitter Ombre Nail Silver spangles perfectly stand on a gentle blue and gently pink nail polish. Silver color combines perfectly with these two so that whatever combination you choose, you will not make a mistake. 24. Glitter Matte Nail The tendency is that one or two nails are left over from the rest of the manicure, or that they are different for example, with a picture. 25.Green Nail These colors reminds me on the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, especially when it is combined with gold. The royal green on all fingernails would be too dark for these cheerful days, but as a supplement to a light green manicure it is especially pronounced and gives to the manicure a special seal. 26. Hearted Nail Matte colors may look bored but this way combined with a brilliant rhinestone look great and elegant. 27. Pink Nail Pink nails of extraordinary shine and very nice length. Pink flamingo on a white background is a real refreshment. 28. French Manicure With French manicure there is no mistake. He is perfect for all occasions, and his simplicity and beauty have surely attracted each of us to take it at least once. Now are modern and enriched French manicure like this in the picture. 29. Short Nail Short nails are very practical, and the fact that they are short does not prevent them from being polished. 30. Floral Nail When you remove the nail polish or gel, take care of your hands and nails. Be sure to apply a thicker layer of cream on your hands and nails, put gloves and go on sleeping. 31. Ombre Nail Monotonous manicure, where all nails are equally done, refresh with some details like rhinestones on this images. Share This9.2KShares